Donate for schools in Syria and Turkey  

Donate for schools
Donate for schools in Syria and Turkey


Amal for Education has as its primary objective that of supporting education in Syria and Turkey through donations for schools and educational institutes. With your contribution, we can offer Syrian children in schools the opportunity of regaining the lost years far from school because of war. We can help them find their future. This is the reason we decided to start by supporting schools for refugees and students in refugee camps in Kilis, Turkey.

Amal supports schools by providing wages to teachers, providing school supplies, educational materials, appliances and supporting maintenance and also by developing educational activities for adults. It is all about succouring students who have not had the opportunity to study.

Why donate to schools?

Donating to a school is like adopting children in a distant sponsorship program. With your monthly contributions for six months, you will help us support all activities, supplies, and costs of the schools. Every month you will receive by email photos of the educational activities of the school you are supporting and a report.

Thanks to this campaign, you can also join with friends and colleagues to provide a single monthly donation or you can support our students with your class or with your school.

A) A school adopts a school 

This "adoption" is specifically conceived for schools abroad. All the children in the school or class will donate 1 euro a month for the whole school year. Giving up a coffee or ice cream could help children living in disadvantaged conditions and teach the participating children to help others in Bayt Al Amal educational centre for Syrian refugees

We will bring to your school lessons, games, charity markets and you will be a part of this educational enterprise with us.

School managers can contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

B) How can I donate money to a school?

All other individuals, groups and volunteers can donate to a school by choosing the amount of money for the sponsorship programme.

You can choose between several Sponsorship typologies "Adopt a school programme of Amal for Education"

  • I adopt a school, € 15 monthly for six months
  • My class adopts a school, € 40 monthly for six months
  • My school adopts a school, € 100 monthly for six month

How to contribute

If you are wondering how to donate money for schools, you can support the programme by sending your monthly contribution in the following ways:

  • bank transfer Amal for Education IBAN IT40Q0200805319000103223565 SWIFT: UNCRITM1E35
  • credit card with PayPal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And do not forget to fill the form with your data and email to receive information about the school you are supporting.

How do we distribute your donation

Amal for Education ensures you spend 100% of your contribution on the schools  

  • we pay the teachers
  • we provide appliances and tools (boards, desks, chairs, computers, projectors, etc.)
  • we provide school supplies
  • we provide educational materials
  • we support maintenance


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