Vision & Mission

Studying is your Freedom

Our Mission

Building communities

Amal for Education starts from the belief that education is the first step for the acquisition of one's autonomy, for the pursuit of happiness and personal fulfillment and development, and the ability to understand others, is in the possibility of carrying out one's own path of growth and in seeking own way to interpret the world. Language and education provide these first irreplaceable tools.

We believe that education is the foundation of freedom, individual and collective, democratic, open, diverse and giving equal opportunities to girls and boys, women and men. We believe in building a society of coexistence, solidarity, inclusion and respect.

Studying is your Freedom

War in its rubble, crises and conflicts are the first to abandon education. For this Amal for Education places language and education - in an open, different, inclusive, democratic and participatory sense - at the center of its mission.

Our key is to listen to people's needs to develop their potential "We have two ears and one mouth to remember that listening is more important than speaking." (Zeno)

Isabella Chiari
Amal for Education Founder
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