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Local contact person: Fatimah Ougly (Saudi Arabia), Mai Elsayed (Egypt), Saber Mahmoud Abdalmontaleb (Italy Egypt)

MaM is a project by Amal for Education within the “Studying is your freedom campaign to support education for Syrian refugees. The project aims at building libraries for children and youths in refugee camps, schools and orphanages for Syrian refugees in Turkey and within Syrian territory.

Turkey hosts more than 3 million Syrian refugees. Turkish language and writing system is very different from Arabic.

It is estimated that only 20% of Syrian children in school age go to schools in Turkey outside refugee camps. Young Syrian refugees do not have access to books or magazines for children in Arabic language, and there is a serious threat of general illiteracy for a whole generation of children.

The Library of the Future project aims at bringing close to children all kinds of children books, illustrated books, fables and tales, dictionaries and encyclopedias and also educational medias, audio and video mainly in Arabic, but also in English and Turkish language. The project gives the opportunity of building small library through the donation of used books, fund raising and donation and promotions during book fairs around the world.

In 2015 Amal for Education has opened the first Library of the Future in Kilis on the Syrian-Turkish border in our educational centre, Bayt Al Amal, and has distributed three Electronic Library of the Future kits to schools inside Syria.

A second small library fo youths and adults is open in our cultural and recreational centre in Kilis, Dar Al Mareefa. In the libraries activities and reading clubs are organized by Amal for Education in order to promote reading, fun and a ordinary experience with books.

You can:


We welcome any children book in Arabic, English and Turkish. You can also organize a public collection of used books. You can send the books collected to any between our Italian and Turkish address. If it is possible we prefer to receive books directly in our centre in Turkey. You can also donate secondhand or new e-readers or tablets.
Bayt Al Amal (Amal for Education)
Helvacıoğlu mh. Kefre cd. No: 51, Kilis 29000 (Turkey)
Amal for Education
via Giuseppe Ferrari 35, 00195 Roma (Italy)

If you do not know what books to donate you can buy books online and in bookstores (e.g. Amazon or and sending the books to our address in Rome; We have made a list on to help you choose

2) IF YOU ARE A PUBLISHER or AN author of children books

We will be very glad to have one copy of your book(s) in our library in order to let children have free access to them. We generally post donated book’s pictures on our Facebook page and on our website with the name of the donor(s).


You can make individual, collective or institutional donation to our association by specifiying #library in you bank transfer or paypal/creditcard donation. You can donate for books or for appliances (such as e-readers and tablets).

Amal for Education
IBAN: IT40Q0200805319000103223565 | SWIFT/BIC: UNCRITM1E35

PayPal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can also sponsor our reading related activities, such as book clubs for children and youths, reading courses, collective writing and story telling, calligraphy, poetry reading and other educational and recreational activities.


Download this file (Maktabat Al Mustaqbal_eng.pdf)Library of The Future Project
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