Amal for Education has created and manages a community centre in Kilis (Turkey) at the border with Syria from the beginning of 2014. The centre is called “Bait Al Amal بيت الامل” (the home of hope) where hundreds of extremely poor refugee families live in difficult conditions.

The Educational Centre Bayt al Amal is meant to be a centre for social life for Syrian refugees living in the area in Kilis, Turkey at the border  with Syria. “Not one less” is its motto, meaning that no one, child or adult, woman or man, can be left behind.

Bayt Al Amal is entirely funded and managed by Amal for Education and all its personnel is made by Syrian refugees. The population of this area, coming from months in a spontaneous refugee camp is among the weakest of Syrian refugees. Many adults, women and men, are illiterate and were employed in agriculture and humble jobs in Syria.

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