Winter Emergency

Syrian families live in difficult conditions in garages, Le famiglie siriane vivono in condizioni precarie, in garage, basements, tents and the cold weather makes this time of year very hard causing health hazards and enormous discomfort. We can also help them to face this winter by donating coal bags that will help them warm up. Winter Emergency is the project that every year provides clothing, blankets, coal for the most needy Syrian refugee families in Turkey.

School kits

Project School Kit. Every year since 2013 we distribute to hundreds of Syrian children everything needed to attend school. Schools in Syria and Turkey have received books, backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks and so every year.


# bread4education is the project of daily distribution of bread (7 days a week) to about 60 people, families of refugee teachers, and a snack for about 100 children.

Ramadan Food Basket

The "Ramadan food parcels" project provides for the distribution of dry food parcels for Syrian families in need in Kilis, Turkey. Each 20 kg food pack provides 75 full portions according to international food standards and contains basic foods in very large quantities (rice, burghul, pasta, sugar, lentils, chickpeas, flour, oil, milk, tomato sauce).

Ottobre 2017. Distribuzione di 200 zainetti scolastici

Kilis, confine turco-siriano. Distribuzione di 200 zainetti scolastici di Amal for Education ai bambini siriani che frequentano Bayt Al Amal e la scuola turca per iniziare al meglio l'anno scolastico.

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