IMG 2525 copiaAmal Therapy is an Amal for Education programme involving groups of Syrian youths that visit once a week Kilis Hospital, children compartment bringing gifts and entertaining the children. Amal therapy is a programme teaching students to help others.

The programme comes from an idea of one of our girl students attending our educational centre for refugees in Kilis, Turkey.

Every week, by an agreement with Kilis Devlet Hastanesi administration our group brings about 20 kits to children in the hospital and entertains them with stories and puppets.
 We have met children, boys and girls, mutilated by bombs, brought to Kilis without the family, children with amputated legs.

80 activity kits a month Amal Therapy

We have prepared two kind of kits:

Children kit (from 5 years old)
  • teddy
  • colour pencils
  • drawing notebook
  • colouring book
  • moulding paste
  • pencil and pencil sharpener
Small children kit (under 5 years old)
  • toy
  • baby bottle
  • bib
  • socks

It is possible to support this programme that requires 80 kits to be delivered each month through donations to:

Amal for Education (Non Profit Organization)
IT40Q0200805319000103223565 | SWIFT/BIC: UNCRITM1E35
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