You can send us materials that will be destined to the relative projects.


AMAL for Education

via Giuseppe Ferrari 35

00195 Roma ITALIA

If you have a lot of items to send, you can contact us to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will try to agree on the best and cheapest way to complete the delivery.



Pens, pencils, sharpeners, colours, chalk, whiteboard pens, rubbers, pencil cases etc. We do not collect notebooks because of their weight, it is far cheaper to buy them in Syria or Turkey.

You can prepare yourself the school kits for our project and send them to us and we will bring them to the schools or refugee camps involved in the projects. Instructions on how to make the school kits can be found at the following page. Italian schools or classes can cohoperate in order to collect school kits and students can prepare them for Syrian children.




Appliances will be used by all classes in the school and will stimulate the authonomy of teachers, especially regarding the impossibility of giving textbooks to students and also to encourage learning and recreational and common educational activities.

You can donate a school new or second hand appliances.

If you or your school have a laptop or a printer, second hand but working, that are not used any more, you can donate them to one of the five schools that we support and we will deliver them to Syria and will certify your donation. You can also lead a fund raising event or collection in order to buy the appliances, or request us to buy the appliances of your choice and we will bring them to Syria and certify your donation. We collect notebooks, projectors, printers, scanners.

Geographical maps, educational posters (of suitable subjects), arabic alphabet and latin alphabet posters.





For the project Maktaba almustaqbal we collact new and secondhand books for children and youths in Arabic or English. If you have arabic speaker friends you can ask them to donate their childrens' books, if they do not use them anymore. Or you can order the books online or buy them and send them to us directly. More information on the page of the project.



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