Çocuklar için Türkçe is dedicate to millions of Syrian children who seek refuge in Turkey for them to learn the language to go to school and integrate into the society. There are 3 millions and a half Syrian refugees in Turkey and children, who are the most vulnerable, need to join the Turkish Education system, otherwise will be completely excluded from education.

To help the children in our centres and all Syrian refugee children in Turkish territory Amal for Education has developed with its teachers volunteer a programme to help children in an easy and fun way. The programme is completely free and accessible to all.

Every language has a set of about 2.000 words that are the core of the language and are commonly used every day in ordinary communication. For this reason we have created sets of electronic flashcards, using the free Tinycard apps and selecting the most relevant themes in everyday life (animals, parts of the body, transport, time, sport and a lot more). With time you will find on this page more and more decks of cards with new words.

The flashcards can be used by accessing the links via computer (using your browser) or by smartphone iOs or Android.

Each flashcard contains an image, the Turkish word and the sound of the pronounciation of the word.


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In this page you will find the links and themes of the course Çocuklar için Türkçe by Amal for Education, constantly updated with new decks of cards.

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