Conception and Coordination (Italian side): I. Chiari e S. Bottignole

The project is developed in collaboration with Ghiras Project (Syria)

School tandem is a cultural exchange between foreign and Syrian classes. Schools participating to the project are connected, through our mediation, to schools in different areas of Syria and in refugee camps in Turkey.

The school tandem consists of a periodical exchange of different materials produced by children under the supervision of their teachers. Materials can be photos, drawings, audio and video. The exchange also can include the production of a magazine in electronic form that will be exchanged periodically among the classes involved in the project.

  • Stimulating the knowledge about different cultures, promote collaborative research, curiosity and active participation in children
  • Promote the use of English as a lingua franca for communication both for teachers and pupils
  • Help teachers and pupils approach the use of technologies in communication, graphic and textual editing, encourage interactivity and learning autonomy

AMAL for Education will provide a short guide (Amal for Education & Ghiras Project) for the school tandem, with suggestions for the preparation of materials and exchanges. Some activities are proposed such as reasearch with illustrations and photos on countries involved. Italian children will discover Siria and Syrian children will discover Italy. Children will write or draw about themselves, their life, hobbies, aspirations. They will discover the misteries of different languages and writings.

The guide will be accompanied in Italian schools by a 16 pages booklet made of cultural units, games and illustrations to better understand Syria. Amal volunteers that have experience and direct knowledge about Syria will be happy to present the project and give information to students to the schools involved.

Materials will be exchanged monthly or bimonthly, depending on the specific agreement between classes.

Amal for Education will support teachers and pupils in the preparation of the materials and in the management of linguistic differences (arabic, italian, english). The teachers coordinating the classes will be in constant contact and will develop the curriculum also taking into account students' suggestions.

Each delivery of materials consists in two issues of an electronic magazine (School tandem: from Italy to Syria and School tandem: from Syria to Italy) in three languages.

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At the end of the exchange (school semester or year) Amal will also publish a booklet with a selection of the best productions by the children of the two classes and will give a copy to each of the schools involved.

Italian schools intereseted in the exchange can contact us to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


What does Amal for Education & Ghiras Project give?
  • The contacts between classes and teachers in Italy and Syria
  • a guide for the development of the exchange
  • an informative booklet on Syria created by Amal editorial staff for the children of Italian primary schools
  • linguistic and technological support for the exchange
  • a presentation of the project in the school
  • a booklet (two copies) with a selection of the best creations of children in the end of the exchange


Why should a school participate in the school tandem?
    • to give children in a condition of conflict and disadvantage some time and distraction making them feel not left alone
    • to teach student the value of cultural diversity and help them understand how children live in countries different from Italy
    • to stimulate creative productions, artistic and literary abilities in students
    • because it is completely free, the only cost is your involvement, your fantasy and your time...

Download our leaflet below.


Download this file (School Tandem 2015 eng.pdf)School Tandem 2015-16 English
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