Amal for Education (amal in arabic means 'hope') is a non profit organization dedicated to the development and promotion of projects regarding education and learning especially in conflict areas. Amal involves educators, teachers, professors, translators and communication experts, all volunteers who freely offer their skills to those in need. We operate mainly in the Middle East for the educational support of refugees in Syria, Lebanon and Turkey.

Amal's strength is our experience in the field of education, direct contact with the world of school and learning in all fields of knowledge and at every level of instruction, in a multicultural and multilingual perspective.


Amal's Directive Board

President: Isabella Chiari (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Vice-President: Sara Bottignole (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Members of the Board: Stefano Barilani, Giovanna Facchin

The Directive Board is supported by associates and volunteers that help us develop projects, educational materials and tools, fund raising and information and promotion. At the moment the most active participants in our activities are:

Project development: Isabella Chiari and Annamaria Cacchione

Amal team: Saber Mahmoud Abdelmontaleb, Maria Rosa Ardizzone, Fouad Bard, Stefano Barilani, Emma Bove, Annamaria Cacchione, Giuseppe Caiati, Silvia Castagna, Sana Darghmouni, Niccolò De Santis, Lucia della Valle, Francesca Di Martino, Mai Elsayed, Judit Esquius Coma, Elisa Frati, Maria Francesca Gagliardi, Rabih Haidar, Ruska Ivanoska, Michela Martain, Nidhal Mathlouthi, Giovanni Monoscalco, Valentina Muiesan, Milena Nebbia, Angelo Norelli, Anna Ori, Fatimah Oughly, Alma Salem, Roska Stojmenova, Romina Vinci.

Legal councelling: Lucia della Valle

English translations: I. Chiari e L. della Valle

Arabic translations: Fouad Bard, Mai Elsayed, Rabih Haidar, Saber Mahmoud Abdelmontaleb, Nidhal Mathlouthi, Fatimah Oughly

Arabic translations of website:Saber Mahmoud Abdelmontaleb, Mai Elsayed, Ahmed Alqarni, Gehad Mohammed Ezzat, Khalifa Hassan, Abdelhalim Hussein, Salah Kamal, Ahmed Shehata.

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